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This is really the best tasting.

Broth Variety Pack

Bone Broth

Love the product! Shipped safely and tastes great!

Super good

These pasta packs are life-savers. So good and so easy. Perfect portions.

Very pleased with Pressery's pasta cups

This is the best quick/instant meal I've been able to find. Way better than Panera's pasta cups or Annie's. I LOVE the Carbonara (although, I add a little salt. Shhhh...). Way better than I can make from scratch.

Thanks, Denise! We LOVE the Carbonara, too!
(And we won't tell anyone about the salt, don't worry.)

Great product

I really liked these pasta boxes. I bought the variety pack on subscription to get free shipping and haven't regretted it. The pasta tastes great. The noodles aren't soggy and don't break down like frozen meals. The packs are sent with ice packs and insulation, which I was a bit surprised by, but I understand what they mean by "fresh" now. They're the perfect amount, too, I haven't felt hungry afterwards, nor have I had to throw any away. Going to keep my subscription.

Ordering again

Perfect quick meal


FOUND MY NEW GO-TO LUNCH! SO GOOD! I hope it's okay that I put more toppings on them but they are honestly good as is, too. Variety pack is great to mix things up every day.

Good and easy

These little things are great. Takes less than 3 minutes to make and are actually pretty good (and filling). I usually have one at my desk between meetings and don't feel hungry for a few hours. Tastes pretty homemade, too, not like the cheap stuff. Recommend


So good! All of them! The spicy mac is the best though - going to order a pack full of those :)

Excellent product


Thank you for the kind words, Jose!

So good!

Seriously the best broth out there! It tastes so NATURAL compared to other stuff I've tried. Even better than the broth I tried to make myself. Love the convenience, too. Shipping is super fast and easy and the bottles are big enough for 3-4 servings.

Thanks, Cheryl! We're flattered!

Bone brith

BEST BONE BROTH EVER! Made with all clean organic ingredients and so delicious

BEST REVIEW EVER! Thank you, Nicole.


This Bone Broth is fantastic! Not only do both flavors taste incredible but autoship has made me it so easy for me to stop stressing over making bone broth. My search is over for trying to find a company I trust and enjoy!

...your review! Thank you for the kind review, Alex! We're happy you like our autoship feature.

Perfect quick lunch option

I was really surprised by how good these were... all of them. The spicy mac n cheese is the best, but all of the flavors are legitimately delicious. They taste a lot less "fake" than other brands I've tried. Not quite fresh pasta tasting, but really close. Easily rivals something like Panera or Noodles and Co. The pasta is the perfect, almost el dente, texture and isn't mushy. The sauces have a good flavor and are chunky in a good way. And they're super filling. I'm a large guy and I eat one of these and feel comfortably full until my next meal. Definitely making these a fridge staple.

Thanks for the kind review, Chris! We're flattered!

Best Bone Broth I've Found!

I am a huge fan of bone broth and Pressery makes some of the highest quality and best tasting I've found. The organic, free range, grass-fed components are top-notch and the flavor is mild and ideal for all cooking (and sipping!) applications. The cold-shipped subscription service is a super nice addition to never run out! I'm on the monthly delivery schedule, but have have to up to twice-monthly as we've become addicted to this healthful treat.

Thanks for the awesome review, Cody! We're glad you like our subscription service... we think it's super convenient.

Great taste!

Great review! Thanks, Candace!

My wife is addicted to this stuff

I subscribed so we could get it delivered. She loves it and even craves it. To me it tastes like really good broth, but she looks forward to a warm glass every day after work.

My wife says it tastes like eating a really good homemade chicken soup base, but not heavy.

Please sell this closer to us!! The closest place to us is Costco an hour away.

The shipping is excellent as well; well-packaged and no issues staying cold.

We're addicted to these kind reviews. Thank you, James! We're really happy that you and your wife like our broth, and that it makes it to your door cold. Enjoy!

Add oomph to your soups

I started mixing in with my soup broths and quinoa base

Thanks, Steve! That's brilliant... I know what I'm having for lunch.


Really great.

Thank you for the kind review, Julie!

Tastes SO fresh

I absolutely LOVE Pressery bone broth. It doesn't taste anything like the bone broths you buy off the shelf. This stuff tastes FRESH like someone cooked it at home and put it in the fridge. I heat it up and sip it fresh every morning. Definitely will be buying more.

Thanks for the kind review, Doreen! Fresh is our middle name.

I really like the ramen and the rice noodles, they are healthy versions of the common ramens found in grocery stores. I just add some meat or eggs and bean sprouts to it and they taste delicious! Thanks.

Thank you for the kind review, Pow! Bean sprouts are a great idea...

Simply The Best

Your products are organic and antibiotic free so I feel good using them. I tried several other brands and your chicken and beef are simply the best! I follow a keto lifestyle and enjoy sipping bone broth every evening. I sometimes mix scoop of multi collagen protein in it. I feel my skin hair and nails have improved. It also helps my digestive system and call me crazy but I seem to sleep better at night. Sometimes I even mix the two together for a different flavor. I was impressed with the quick shipping the ice packs were still completely frozen and the bone broth was ice cold. Iā€™m very excited that you are selling on Amazon and online now. Keep up the good work and Thanks Again!

Thank you for the nice review, Lou! We're excited that we're shipping directly to our fans now, too!

Best-tasting bone broth

This is the best packaged bone broth I have found. Tastes very natural/home-cooked. Not like other broths that have that manufactured taste. I like to put it in the microwave and just sip it... tastes very good. I will be ordering again.

Thank you for your kind review, Denise! That's exactly what we go for - natural and home-cooked. We're glad you agree.

Amazing Broth

" I just want to take a minute to express how truly happy and grateful I am to have found your wonderful product. Your Organic Beef Bone Broth is my LIQUID GOLD fine and has become part of my daily regimen." The ingredients are straightforward and top-notch. So deliciously and a great way to start the day. Honestly could on and on about this product but everyone needs to be their own judge. Truly one of a kind and the best out there. ENJOY!

Liquid gold it is! Thank you so much for the nice review, Margaret!