Better gut health.

At Pressery, we're big supporters of digestive restoration and holistic health. We've partnered with Healthy Hildegard to help you take control of your diet.

Like intermittent fasting, bone broth is shown to have significant gut and health benefits, from preventing leaky gut to promoting better sleep. Plus, it's packed with protein, amino acids, and collagen.

Most importantly, it's dang delicious.

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Why Pressery

Our broth is different. Instead of using preservatives or extreme cooking methods, we create a traditional broth and ship it fresh. This makes it the most natural and flavorful broth on the market.
(Ask anyone, it's true.)

We'd love for you Healthy Hildegardians to try it out. We honestly think you'll love it.

Try it risk-free with code HEALTHYHILDEGARD for $10 off your first order. Plus, every order using this discount will include a free Hildegard's Original Psyllium supplement.

If you're not fully satisfied, we'll happily refund your first order in full.

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