Bone Broth & Athletes: Champion Triathlete Angela Naeth

Angela Naeth
needs very little introduction, especially if you have any connection with the triathlon world. She's a world-ranked triathlete, multiple 70.3 and Ironman champion, and founder of iracelikeagirl, an international women's triathlon/cycling community.

Read her full profile here (hint: it's worth it).


Like any world-renowned athlete (and anyone who can complete a full Ironman in under 9 hours), Angela cares deeply about her diet. She expects a lot of her body, and what she gets out is directly correlated to what she puts in. This means no compromise when it comes to her diet. None. 

Angela's unwavering focus on her nutrition led her to Pressery's Organic Bone Broth. With no added preservatives or artificial ingredients and no extreme cooking methods, Pressery's products are able to retain high nutritional values and exceptional flavor while adding nothing that would make an athlete wary. Our broths are made from ethically-sourced, 100% grass-fed and hormone/antibiotic-free beef and chicken bones, meaning that the quality of our product extends beyond the surprisingly short ingredient list. 

That, to us and to Angela, means no compromise.

Angela Naeth and Pressery


We asked Angela to answer a few questions about her training regimen and how she likes to incorporate bone broth in her plan:

Pressery: Give a little background on your life/training - what do your days look like?

Angela: I typically wake up, have breakfast and do some work on the computer - coaching, iracelikeagirl team and sponsors. I then usually swim, eat another breakfast and get ready for my second session - either a run or bike. During the winter months this is typical with Monday and Friday being only swim. I usually just bike and run on the weekends.

Pressery: How do Pressery products help you in your training regime (or non-training regime)?

Angela: I love sipping on broth throughout the day and have a soup typically every 2nd day. It’s the best after a cold run!

Pressery: Why do you choose Pressery products over the others available?

Angela: 100% best tasting, all organic and no added junk.

Pressery: What's your favorite Pressery product? Why?

Angela: Broth. It’s simple and delicious warm and cold.

Pressery: Why would you recommend our products to your following?

Angela: All the above. I know the owner and he only sources the best. Nothing is compromised.



People generally expect nutrition-dense food when it comes to professional athletics, especially within the endurance arena. Protein powder, muscle recovery supplements, energy bars - these are your usual athletic accompaniments.

But we seldom think of the regular dietary needs of a physical performer. The meals outside of her training regime are just as important (if not more important) than the products directly related to training.

What we put in is just as important as what we leave out.


Pressery Bone Broth makes delicious soups.

Bone broth has taken center-stage in performance recently. Yes, there are the obvious nutritional components such as protein, amino acids, and collagen, but there are numerous lesser-known benefits that are nearly as important.

Research has shown that bone broth can:

On top of all of that... it just tastes good. It's warming, hearty, and nourishing in chicken-noodle-soup-when-you're-sick kind of way. And when something tastes great and doesn't compromise? Well, that's just a win-win.

Check out Our Difference and see why Angela specifically chooses to accept Pressery into her high-performing diet. There's a reason our Bone Broths meet her high expectations.

Follow Angela on Instagram at @AngelaNaeth and check out her organization, iracelikeagirl. Keep winning, Angela.