Top 5 Ways to Get Prepped for the Slopes

Planning a ski trip with your friends this winter season? As temperatures are dropping and snow is on the horizon, our minds are on the 2016-17 ski season. Even if you have a daily workout routine/practice, those first couple days on the slopes can be absolutely killer on your body – we know how it feels to hobble into the lodge at the end of a long day on the mountain!

We’ve got you covered with these 5 exercises to get your body ski and snowboard ready. Stick to this routine, get prepped, and hit the slopes hard this season.

#1 – Quadriceps
  • While skiing and snowboarding your quadriceps are engaged at all times. Lunges and squats are a great way to activate this key muscle. If you want to take it up a notch, jump lunges are a great way to work in some cardio and increase your heart rate.
#2 – Hamstrings & Glutes
  • Your hamstrings and glutes require substantial strength to stabilize your body while cruising down the mountain. Workout your hamstrings and glutes with deadlifts – keep your spine neutral (not rounded) to help avoid lower-back injury.
#3 – Abs & Back
  • Your back and abs are working tirelessly to hold your body in the upright position while skiing and snowboarding. To protect your spine, your core must be strong and secure. Work on these muscles with exercises such as bicycle crunches, medicine ball twists, and plank holds.
#4 – Arms
  • Your arms are needed to help you push off with your poles (and also to push off the ground after strapping into your snowboard – or falling…). Be sure to workout your biceps and triceps. Try these no equipment arm workouts SELF magazine put together!
#5 – Calves
  • Because your knees are always bent while skiing and snowboarding, your calves are activated at all times. You can work this muscle easily by doing either seated or standing calf raises.
PRO TIP: Make sure you thoroughly stretch following a long day on the mountain (and maybe take a dip in the hottub to relax your muscles)!

Try a Pressery Protein Power-Up at the end of the day – great for refueling and muscle recovery!