6 Ways to Enjoy Pressery Broths

From heat waves to spring showers, the weather can be pretty unpredictable these days. Luckily, your favorite Pressery Broths are as adaptable as they are delicious.

Here are six different ways we love to enjoy them:

Warmed up in a mug to sip on.

Soothing and simple, a mug of warm Pressery Broth is delightful during chilly spring mornings and rainy afternoons.

As a base for soups, stews and risottos.

Up the nutrition and flavor of your next dish by swapping out the canned stuff for the Pressery Broth of your choice.

With vegetables for extra nutrients.

Turn your fave sipper into a heartier snack by adding chopped celery and carrots, torn baby spinach or kale, or other tasty veggies.

Freeze into cubes and throw into smoothies.

Yes, you heard us right. Toss a frozen cube or two of Pressery Broth into your next smoothie, and reap the healthful benefits.

As a base for gravy and sauces.

Craving some comfort food? Nutrient-dense Pressery Broth works well for that, too.

Be bold and drink it chilled!

Pressery Broth purists know that these babies are delicious straight out of the fridge – no heat source required.

Browse the many flavors of Pressery Broth here, find them near you, and enjoy.